About Us.

Artia Casa is the combination of Greek and Italian words. Artia in the Greek language means: Complete, full and perftect. Casa in Italian is the house.

Artia Casa dreams to support the building industry creating artia, complete buildings. Envisioned to provide the finest quality building solutions and the most durable materials for the production of outstanding developments. 

Our team of well experienced professionals (architects, engineers, designers ets) is committed to totally support constructors and developers in their effort to provide an extraordinary living experience. 
The combination of the most advanced technical specifications and standards, with highly crafted materials from leading manufacturers, ensures the best quality and design the world has to offer, at the best affordable prices.

Artia Casa is committed towards continuous improvement of its customers' service through technical support, on-time delivery, well trained personnel and exellent knowledge of the market and technological advancement, creating a unique and highly stylized living environment.

Total Lifestyling Support.